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ROOR AntiLime

ROOR AntiLime

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ROOR AntiLime

250 ml

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We recommend only our biodegradable ROOR products, as it enables cleaning without a brush within a few minutes if used properly. A prerequisite for the cleaning agent’s ideal effectiveness is heating the glass beforehand. You can do this by pouring boiling water into the pipe and waiting for about one minute before pouring the water out again. The undiluted cleaning agent is then sparsely sprinkled over the glass surface, thus rinsing away all dirt particles and sediments. Every ROOR pipe can be perfectly cleaned and rinsed within 3-4 minutes, no matter how much it has been smoked or how dirty it is. Moreover, a completely clean ROOR pipe is not only a pleasure to the eye and lung, but because of its cleanness – especially legally – solely a piece of art. Usually the lime content in our tap water is very high. This is the reason why over time lime deposits gather on the glass surface. This leads to the glass becoming dull, as well as to an increase of dirt particles gathering on this dulled surface. We therefore recommend for our high quality products the periodical use of our anti-lime solution. It goes without saying that the prerequisite for a satisfactory result is previous cleaning. When cleaning water pipes with a brush, the surface of the glass will be scratched time and again – even if you can hardly see it at first. On the one hand, this has a nasty effect on the optical appearance of the pipe, on the other, your pipe will not survive that long. As the surface is no longer smooth because of the scratches, dirt will accumulate faster and to a stronger degree. On top of this, the risk of the pipe being broken increases because the surface of the glass has been hurt.

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